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Jump for Bread organization

We have been working since 2017 to make this world a better place to live. Our philosophy is rooted in sport-philanthropy movements and we have accomplished our first project in 2018 with CARE international. Read more about our history.

Where we work

We are planning to work in 118 countries in the world to eradicate hunger. We are determined to find solutions to effectively and sustainably terminate all forms of hunger in our world. We are primarily focused on countries with the highest hunger rates. Here you can find where we operate:

What we do

We believe that in order to eradicate the global hunger, we have to work hard beside individuals and organizations with the same mindset. Jump for Bread is not another charity organization in the world, indeed it is a non-profit, grant giving organization that funds philanthropy projects around to eradicate hunger.

  • Emergencies
  • Children
  • Food security
  • Agriculture and rural development
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Education
  • Heath care

Contact us

Feel free to write us any recommendation or inquiry in our contact page