About us

We started in 2017…

Sports has an endless power to drive good causes in the world. Throughout the history, we have seen several times that a well-known and popular athlete has done magnificent humanitarian and philanthropic actions. Jump for Bread is an athletic-philanthropic non-profit organization that uses sports to make positive changes in the world. We are working to realize 1000 humanitarian projects in our world in emergency response, children protection, food security, rural and agricultural development, entrepreneurship, education and healthcare.

CARE International

We began our work in 2017 to change the world for good. In the first step, we decided to raise awareness for women economic empowerment through VSLA program which is run by CARE international. Therefore, we organized a very special athletic event inside Switzerland in which Iranian athlete Mr. Amir Kazemi ran all across the country of Switzerland by a skipping rope in a project called “Swiss Jumprope”. This project was several time published in Swiss newspaper and radio stations including Tagblatt, Zueriost, Signegeneve, Luzernerzeitung and La Liberte.

Nikan charity event

After a successful experience in setting up the first sport event in Switzerland, Jump for Bread team came back to Tehran to promote philanthropy. We came back to Iran with the first international experience and started to promote our connections with our partner charity organizations. Nikan mamut charity foundation is a well-known and highly trusted organization among Iranian people.

Jump for Bread organization was invited to take part in Nikan’s charity event in 2018 summer. We organized a fundraising through a “jump rope” event to provide baby formulas for needy mothers. Based on the outcome, Jump for Bread had a wonderful performance and could well impact the fundraising process. In addition, Iranian celebrities and athletes were present in the event and further promoted the event.

Bread distribution in Tehran

Not very far from the center of Tehran, underprivileged families live in an unpleasant condition. Jump for Bread using the volunteers organized a weekly scheme of bread and food distributions to the inhabitants of Dolatkhah territory in Tehran and its surrounding during the entire 2019 summer.