Bread distribution in Dolatkhah territory – summer 2019

Maybe it seems weird to distribute food in non-emergency situations but the inhabitants of Dolatkhah territory (in Persian: منطقه دولتخواه) in Tehran live in an unpleasant conditions. In 2019 summer, Jump for Bread organized a bread distribution scheme to help the inhabitants of this territory overcome the existing nutritious challenges.

Considering the life conditions at Dolatkhah territory and nutrition vulnerability of local inhabitants, Jump for Bread organization decided to provide weekly food supply during the 2019 summer.

Excess bread distribution

Food waste is a global concern and every year billions of dollars is spent on the food which is neither consumed or sold. We understand hat food waste is happening during production, transportation and consumption of food products. Jump for Bread organization looks for local food producers and bakeries to receive their extra produce and put it back to the consumption cycle by delivering it to vulnerable neighborhoods around Tehran. To do this, first we analyzed the existing challenges in Tehran and found some potential zones at which poverty is more prevalent then we started finding companies with extra food production.

In May 2019, Jump for Bread and Cenan bakery agreed on delivering the extra produced bread in cenan bakery to the inhabitants of Dolatkhah territory. Since then, Jump for Bread received and distributed baked products every weekend through its volunteer personnel.

Not far from Tehran

In Tehran, the capital of Iran, poverty and hunger are not a surprise. Dolatkhah is one of the many vulnerable communities which exist in the suburbs around Tehran. Villages and the countrysides around Tehran are mostly inhabited by Afghan immigrants and daily workers who depend on daily jobs to provide for their families.

Women on the other side, do not have equal access to job markets as men. Most of the local women we met have had serious limitations regarding employment and even education. and Furthermore, drugs is an ever increasing threat to the whole family including the children. On our visit from Dolatkhah territory we met Mrs. F who her husband was unable to work due to physical problems and was struggling to pay her monthly rent which was 300 thousand toman ( or around 20 USD/month). Mrs. F and other women were just asking us about a secure job that will pay them the basics of daily life. “I go from home to home to offer cleaning and washing in order to get paid” she said.

It appears that life will not get easier for Dolatkhah inhabitants unless a solid job is provided for them. Entrepreneurship is the key Jump for Bread is working to create a carpet weaving workshop for these women to make the self-sufficient.