Nikan charity exhibition

Nikan mamut charity foundation is a well-known and trusted charity in Tehran, Iran. In 2018 summer, jump for bread and Nikan charity co-hosted an exhibition for a good cause. This exhibition was held primarily to raise awareness and collect funds to serve the beneficiaries of Nikan foundation. Due to the successful initiative of Swissjumprope, Jump for Bread organization also took part in this event to elaborate its role as a sport-philanthropy organization.

The comedian Mr. Soheil Mostajabian was part of our event

The goal of the exhibition was to raise enough baby formula for 180 babies to survive the first 6 month of their life. Malnutrition remains the main threat for the lives of mothers and children and mothers suffer from poor nutrition which results in inadequate breast milk. Malnutrition has adverse health effects on the children especially at early ages which may lead to obesity, stunting, wasting, etc. Each of these consequences might have a long-life effect on the learning process of each child. Jump for Bread took part in the exhibition as a host and by explaining the past Jumprope experience in Switzerland in March 2018, it was possible to successfully accomplish the fundraiser for the babies in need. It also should be noted that the presence of Iranian celebrities as well as around 500 visitors, made a great impact on the success of this project. Mr. Amir Hossein Rostami and Ms. Vishka Asayesh were of the important figure that joined our jump-rope campaign that day.

Ms. Vishka Asayesh

This exhibition was held in Shahrak-e Qods county in the west of Tehran. In this two-day event, Iranian celebrities and elite athletes jumped symbolically with Mr. Amir Kazemi to show their support and desire for the good cause. Hopefully, we were able to raise enough money to purchase enough baby formula for the babies who lacked the mother’s milk. These baby formulas were later distributed by Nikan mamut charity foundation.

Not alone fundraising, but the children from underprivileged families spent a great day by jumping. In the main recreation center, some 100 ropes were distributed among the children and they were taught how to jump using a Jumprope. Also they learnt how to be tough and hopeful to the bright future. At the end, some gifts were given o the boys and the girls and Jump for Bread team took some wonderful photos with them.

Mr. Amir Hossein Rostami

Integrating the power of sports and philanthropy has been long practiced in the world as a way to promote good causes. We can see that nowadays hundreds of marathon events are being held across the world in which the charity organizations are the beneficiaries. In some other cases, sometimes a sport event runs in a part of the world to raise the attention to a special cause. Jump for Bread too, gathered together the popular Iranian actors and athletes and contributed that cause to its charity partner organization. This is what we seek to do more in Jump for Bread organization in Switzerland and other parts of the world. Jump for Bread organization is planning more jump-rope events in 2020 and 2021 in European countries and is willing to make the world a better place by working together with charity partners.

We are looking forward to make more charity events like the nikan charity exhibition. If you want to help us, become a Jump-for-bread-Member