What we do

The objective of “Jump for Bread” project is to turn on 1000 lights in the world. JFB is a non-profit organization that accelerates the eradication of global hunger. In JFB, we will have 1000 philanthropic projects in the countries with the highest Global Hunger Indices.


What is JFB’s objective?

Our planning for future is based on the most accurate and valid information. JFB will be in close contact with international NGOs, charities and foundations to contribute the termination of global hunger. Therefore we are focusing on seven main axes to reach our target. These sectors are:

  1. Emergency response
  2. Child protection
  3. Food security
  4. Agriculture and rural development
  5. Entrepreneurship
  6. Education
  7. Health care

Our philanthropic projects will be executed in 100 countries with the highest GHI in these seven segments. We will move towards the Zero Hunger target defined by the UN through a unified movement with other organization.

According to each particular country and the dominant cultural, geographical, economical and welfare indicators, we will offer one of our seven approaches as a sustainable solution for hunger in that particular region. As mentioned before, we are in close collaboration with current partners and we expect to receive a great help including advice or field experience from our partners. In return, we plan to fund our partner organizations to help them quicken and strengthen their operations.

We are going to turn on 1000 lights in the world. It means that we are going to establish 1000 projects in the world that increases food security, human productivity and decreases child malnutrition, child mortality and thus global hunger.